I work with individuals and groups from all walks of life


Are you eager to explore the world on your own? Or perhaps not so keen to travel solo but don’t have anyone to accompany you? I would love to help you find the right type of travel experience that fits your needs and desires. We can co-create a vacation for you on your own, or we can discuss the possibilities for you to join a group tour, take a cruise or dive deep into rejuvenation at a retreat center.

Weddings / Honeymoons / Anniversaries

Do you dream of getting married in Tahiti, Tuscany, Hawaii or another gorgeous locale? Wherever it takes place, your wedding may be simple or extravagant, but at its heart it is about your connection with your partner and the weaving together of your lives. A honeymoon is likewise a shared adventure that will become part of the fabric of your marriage. I would be honored to help you plan these special occasions.

Marriage is a wondrous journey, and studies have shown that travel can help strengthen the bond between two people. Numerous opportunities abound for couples to travel, whether on your own or as part of an active group trip, a relaxing cruise, or somewhere in between. Landmark anniversaries offer another opportunity to plan an extra-special trip, where you can renew your vows or just enjoy a great time together.


Exposing one’s children to different places and traveling together is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family. It also brings an additional level of challenge and stress. I have traveled with my husband and children in many different ways and in many different places, as well as solo in Europe with one child, and I would love to help you plan travel adventures of any sort with and for your nuclear and/or extended family.


Whether you are planning a destination wedding with a large guest list, a multi-generational family trip, or a travel experience for a group joined by a common passion like golf or gardening, the possibilities are unlimited. Bachelor or bachelorette parties; group getaways or celebrations of all types; tours with a theme: just ask!

All around the world, there are companies that offer active and adventure travel, cultural and historical tours, culinary tours and more. I would be delighted to share my knowledge of excellent tour companies and help you find the right fit for whomever is traveling.

I have always enjoyed spending time with groups of women, and I have led women’s trips to both England and Ireland. Women who have traveled with me report that they enjoy spending time on vacation with old friends as well as making new ones. I plan to lead women’s trips in various countries one or two times a year; please sign up for my mailing list if you would like to hear of upcoming opportunities.

Wellness Travel

Our lives are so busy that sometimes we need to plan a retreat in order to rest and rejuvenate. Resorts, spas, wellness centers and even cruises offer healing packages and experiences that support our bodies, minds and spirits in returning to balance. You can undertake an intensive program with medical, naturopathic, Chinese or Ayurvedic doctors in order to achieve specific weight loss or healing goals, or you can simply spend days to weeks relaxing and/or taking advantage of classes and outdoor nature programs at these centers.

Staying Healthy

Some people tell me that they get sick every time they get on a plane. As a wellness professional for nearly 25 years, I feel passionate about supporting travelers in staying healthy before, during, and after their journey. One of the tools I count on is an online pharmacy run by Emerson Ecologics, the company that has supplied my business with herbs and supplements for many years. Recently Emerson Ecologics launched an online pharmacy accessible by consumers, and clients can sign up as my patient in order to see my recommendations for wellness and to receive discounted prices on numerous products.

Cape Cod

I have lived in beautiful Chatham, on the elbow of Cape Cod, since 1998. Practically surrounded by ocean as well as home to many ponds, Chatham is one of the most spectacular places I have ever experienced. Add to that a gorgeous golf course, our quaint Main Street with numerous historic buildings, restaurants, art galleries and excellent shopping, and you have a destination that has it all. Chatham is a frequent destination for weddings, honeymoons, summer family vacations, and couples getaways in the summer or the shoulder seasons.

My husband and I stayed at the iconic Chatham Bars Inn during our wedding weekend and got married on Harding’s Beach on Nantucket Sound. For years afterward, our guests told us what a wonderful time they had that weekend. That may have had something to do with us, but I think that people just love Chatham and Cape Cod.

Though I am naturally biased toward my home town, there are many other gorgeous and wonderful destinations on Cape Cod. We have spectacular beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Cod Bay, quirky towns, a vibrant arts culture year-round, delicious fresh seafood, and so much more. I invite you to contact me to discuss the best fit for your Cape Cod event or vacation. I know this area like only a local can, and I will be delighted to help you create the experience you are seeking!