About Me

Jenny WoodTravel is in my blood. My father was one of the first Peace Corps volunteers in Ethiopia, and in 1964 my mother flew over to marry him and live with him there for another year. When I was 10 we took a 5-week driving vacation across the US, and when I was 13 we lived in England for 6 months and traveled all over the UK and western Europe. The world opened up to me, and I fell in love with different people, languages, cultures, sights, sounds and smells.

After returning to Europe twice more during high school and then to study and travel during my college years at Dartmouth, I taught English in Japan for a year and then traveled in Asia and New Zealand. When I returned to the US, I decided to train as an acupuncturist and yoga teacher, later relocating to Cape Cod. Working primarily as an acupuncturist but also embracing other healing modalities, I spent many years supporting clients in their wellness journeys.

Although starting a family and maintaining my health care practice kept my focus close to home during my children’s younger years, I knew that I wanted to expose my two boys to other cultures in the same way I had been as a child. When the boys were 10 and 6, we began traveling internationally as a family. Realizing that the travel bug would never leave me, I curated and led a women’s trip to England and then decided to join Travel Edge and Virtuoso as a travel advisor. Based on my experiences as both traveler and health care practitioner, I firmly believe that travel is good for our health. My mission is to help you travel in a way that is as easy as possible, that will enhance your wellbeing, and that will enable you to return home nourished and fulfilled.